Cydr Pańskie

Our Lipnik is a small village whose recent history is connected with the Łastowiecki family. In the first decade of the 20th century, Adam Łastowiecki built a brick Art Nouveau manor in Lipnik and extended the property by several farm buildings. Along with the manor house, a garden and an apple orchard were created, which we now host. After the Second World War, as a result of the agrarian reform, the land was parceled out among landless peasants. But the memory of the former owners is still alive today – the land of the former manor estate is the so-called “pańskie”. A large apple orchard, which was founded by Adam Łastowiecki, still provides us with delicious fruit. Using the court orchard, we wanted to recall its former owners. Pańskie Cider is a dry still cider, a bit hazy, full of delicate aromas ending with a noble finish. Apples blend is dominated by framboise d’oberland and kronselka – old varieties with crispy and juicy flesh. This unfiltered cider is slightly cloudy and therefore complex and essential, with a hint of bitter spices at the finish. Although it is not a single-variety cider, the majority of raspberry apple with its ripe, crispy flesh in the blend meant that despite the long maturation period, the drink remained slightly opalescent in color. Pressed, fermented and bottled manually in our cider mill. Unfiltered. Panskie is available in 0.75 liter bottles.
extra dry
no (still cider)
Residual sugar:
0,56 g/L
6,6 %
29 mg/L
Acidity (malic acid):
6,91 g/L
Serving temperature:
10-12 ºC
polish cuisine, poultry, sea food, lamb, veal
BRONZE in Still Dry Cider SISGA 2022 Astruria Spain