PańDzieju cider

Shall we have a chat? With a bottle of cider! We made the “PanDzieju” cider especially for social conversations, when you have a good time with your friends.

The old phrase „panie dzieju” was widely used in colloquial speech and this is what my grandfather Tadeusz used to address his friends when discussing the upcoming harvest, horses or politics.

This cider is special for us. From the very beginning we wanted to make semi-sweet cider in a natural way, so we used the old Normandy method of fermentation with wild yeast at very low temperatures. As a result we got a combination of moderate acidity and sweetness, and a pinch of alcohol that crowns it. Beautiful sunny color and noticeable brett aromas will take you straight to the Polish countryside. When the drink breathes in the glass and opens (it has matured for almost two years), delicate fruity notes of ripe apples and smoked plum also appear.

The cider was made with wild yeast, without the addition of sulfur dioxide, a small content of which comes from the fruit and is the result of the natural fermentation process

It was made of apple varieties like golden and gray reinette and grochówka. Traditional Norman style cider. Spontaneous fermentation of naturally occurring yeasts. Not sulfated. Unfiltered.
Pressed, fermented and bottled manually in our cider mill.
PańDzieju is available in 0.75 liter bottles.

semi sweet
no (still cider)
Residual sugar:
31 g/L
5,0 %
5 mg/L
Acidity (malic acid):
4,26 g/L
Serving temperature:
10-12 ºC.
desserts, fruit tart, goose
SILVER in Acid led cider (New world style) category during International Cider Challenge 2022, UK. BRONZE in Still Sweet Cider category during SISGA 2022, Asturia Spain